The U.S. government supported program that will finance your new roof

Government supported PACE programs are replacing roofs and raising the value of Florida homes

There's an excellent opportunity out there for you and it's best you take advantage of it. The government supported PACE program will finance your roof and raise your home's value.

A new roof on the government's dime

Property Assessed Clean Energy financing, or PACE as it's known, is a government supported program for financing energy efficiency measures and improvements on private property. PACE programs exist for both residential properties, referred to as R-PACE and commercial properties referred to as C-PACE.

PACE financing

Noted as one of the “Top 20 world changing ideas” by the Scientific American magazine, the PACE program is an affordable and effective way of financing a range of home upgrades that save energy, strengthen the property and increase its value.

As of 2017, hundreds of thousands of U.S. homeowners have invested $4 billion in energy efficiency measures and other improvements to their homes using PACE financing. Roof replacement is considered one of the most popular ways to upgrade and improve your home on offer. And of all states in the program, Florida leads the way in PACE recipients.

Find out if you are eligible for PACE roof financing

5,428 have already checked and 78% were eligible

PACE financing offers the following advantages

  • Prequalification in under 30 minutes
  • 100% financing, 0 money down
  • No payments for up to 1 year or more
  • Evaluation based on your home's equity (minimum 10% equity stake by the owner is required)
  • Repay with your property taxes or mortgage repayment
  • No minimum FICO required
  • PACE funding makes it easier to qualify for environmental tax credits.

Re-roofing may not seem like a glamorous home improvement, and does not have the design appeal of interior design improvements; however, it is professionally considered a leading source for reducing home maintenance costs and expenses.

Roof constructors building a roof with orange shinglesfamily time in a living room tent Roofing constructor building a roof with red shingles

Raising the value of your home

A new roof is considered by experts as a leading way for boosting home value. The return on investment for a new roof is between 85% and 110%, essentially meaning that a new roof can pay for itself, and then some.

return on investment

Master Suite Addition


New Roof


Sunroom Addition


Backyard Patio


Window Replacement


Bathroom Addition


Additional reasons to replace your roof:

Energy efficiency

Energy cost savings can be as high as 20%, depending on climate and electricity rates. Greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution reductions are no less important.

Curb appeal

Whether planning on selling a home or spending a full lifetime in one, the exterior of the home is not to be neglected or ignored and its renovation adds both a sentimental and monetary value to the residence.

Peace of mind

Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent major repairs. Even a small leak can cause damage to dry walls and flooring that can wind up costing $20,000 or more.

The amount spent today on replacing or repairing an aging or damaged roof is minimal, compared with the amount that would have to be spent over time should the required repairs be ignored.

The bottom line

A new roof will not only save you money on utilities and repairs, it will also significantly raise your home's value and curb appeal. When you factor in the fact that the U.S. government is backing it, it is no wonder so many Floridans are replacing their old roofs with new ones.