$250 dream kitchens that are raising the value of homes in California

Thanks to some great new financing options, Californians are getting their dream kitchens and boosting the value of their homes

If you haven't remodeled your kitchen lately, you're probably missing out. That's right, thanks to the new financing options available to Californians, folks are turning their outdated kitchens into the modern kitchen of their dreams and raising the value of their homes in the process.

Food for thought

Upgrade and renovation projects are the most common ways in which many Californians are upping the value of their homes. Out of all the home renovation options available, kitchen remodeling is considered by far the most beneficial both in terms of ROI as well as daily use.

Financing your dream kitchen

With all of the financing options available to Californians, a new kitchen – and the financial benefits that come with it – are finally attainable and within reach. In many cases, the amount of money saved on energy costs due to updated energy efficient appliances can cover much of the renovation costs.

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Many financing options available to Californians, offer flexible terms and even low monthly payments.

  1. A home improvement loan from banks or credit unions

    You can get a home improvement loan from your bank with interest rates of 5% to 7%, repayable over a period of five to fifteen years.
  2. Personal loans

    These are unsecured loans that you can easily apply for and get approved quickly. Once the lender approves your loan, you will receive the money almost immediately. With personal loans, the interest rates are mostly fixed, but some offer variable rates. The interest rates are calculated based on your credit score and you can also get extended repayment terms.
  3. Cash-out refinancing

    This is a home improvement loan whereby you can borrow up to a certain percentage of your home's value minus what you owe on your mortgage. For example, suppose your home is worth $400,000 and you are qualified to borrow up to 80 percent of its value, which is $320,000. If you owe $200,000 on your mortgage, then you will be able to borrow $120,000.
  4. Contractor financing

    Many home remodeling contractors offer financing packages to customers who are unable to pay the full cost of their kitchen remodeling upfront. This method is convenient as you can pay over a specified period of up to 12 years, with monthly payments as low as $300.
Family cooking in the KitchenNew black designed kitchenHappy couple standing in new kitchen

Californians are becoming more aware of the importance of a well-designed kitchen for the value of their home, both monetarily as well as in terms of the family's well-being.

The best return on investment

Statistics point to the kitchen as the most worthwhile place to recoup your remodeling investment. Whether funding a renovation yourself, or via financing, the upside is a no-brainer.

Why is it that a kitchen remodel offers the best return on your investment? Many consider the kitchen as the heart of the home, and as such, a modern, convenient kitchen is often the reason people choose one house over another, thus making it crucial to a home's value.

Home renovation return on investment

Master Suite Addition


Sunroom Addition


New Kitchen


Backyard Patio


Window Replacement


Bathroom Addition


According to realtors, a typical kitchen remodel yields a 132% return on investment. The best part though is that you can enjoy the investment in your kitchen with your family and friends on a daily basis.

How long does it take?

If you haven't had your kitchen remodeled in recent years, you will be pleased to discover that the whole process has been streamlined and made easier by kitchen professionals. A full kitchen remodel, from the financing to installation, can take less than 30 days.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor

Whether you are cooking up a storm like Gordon Ramsay, raiding the fridge at 2 A.M. or just popping trays into the micro, with the combination of great and readily available financing options and the high return on investment that a kitchen renovation provides, there is no better time to upgrade the heart of your home.