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Houston is getting remodeled: Homeowners strike oil with new financing options

An inside look at the trend in Houston of using novel financing opportunities to create dream homes

Get a free estimate for a PACE-financed roof

California homeowners have found the perfect way to pay for a new roof, starting with a cost-free assessment

The government initiative that finances Florida roof replacements

Federal-backed PACE programs are replacing roofs and boosting the value of Florida homes

California's new-roof revolution and the financing that's feeding it

An inside look at the trend of California homeowners using innovative financing options to raise a new roof

Free roof inspections and the government-supported PACE program

New roofs for California homeowners thanks to cost-free roof inspections and the PACE initiative

Need a new roof? Luckily, this government-backed program can provide the financing

PACE enables Californians to get a new roof, raise home value and save on utilities

Roof replacement trend in Houston

A quick guide to the latest financing options available to Houston homeowners for replacing their homes' roofs

California homes are going solar. PACE financing enables it

Californians are boosting home's energy efficiency, lowering utility bills and increasing home value using the PACE financing program

PACE financing programs for California homes' HVAC systems

Government-backed PACE program finances HVAC system installation in California homes, reducing utility bills & raising homes' value.

Need to replace your home's windows? Get the right financing easily

New windows on older homes provide great appeal and raise home values. PACE financing proves a great option for the upgrade

An impressive house with a red roof and poolwhite transparentRoofing

The U.S. goverment supported program that will help you finance your new roof

Government supported PACE programs are replacing roofs and raising the value of California homes

kitchen remodelwhite transparentKitchens

Kitchen Remodel

Looking For A Quality Contractor For Your Kitchen Remodeling? Enter Your Zip And Get A Free Quote Today!

Air conditioning technician fixing ACwhite transparentHVAC

The U.S. Government is Financing New Energy Efficient HVAC (Heating and Cooling) Systems

Government PACE programs are offering new heating and cooling systems that save both on energy and on utility bills.

home tips


It may seem impractical at first, but when you consider that you are trusting people to come into your home for a period of time, and points of friction may arise, it's important to find someone you'd feel comfortable working with.

House with new solar panelswhite transparentSolar Panels

Government Supported Program Will Finance Your Solar Panels and the Sun Will Pay Your Electric Bills

Going Solar – One of the hottest and most important trends of the 21st century is becoming the standard for California homeowners.

Garage door constructionwhite transparentGarages

How Californians are Converting Their Garages Into Money Making Machines

Converting your garage will help pay your mortgage and raise the value of your property

home designerwhite transparentDream Home

California Is Getting Remodeled: The New Home Financing Wave Homeowners Are Riding

An inside look at the trend in California of homeowners using new financing options to create their dream home.

Roof constructors building a roof with orange shingles white transparent Roofing materials

The cost of a new roof and how to finance it

A simple but comprehensive guide to roof materials, financing and government PACE programs in California

Damaged house foundation white transparent Home Foundation

PACE programs finance California homes' foundation repair projects

Foundation strengthening is one of the smartest ways to upgrade and enhance property safety. PACE financing, the government-backed program, is now available for foundation projects.

Worker with Orange shirt doing mineral wool insulation white transparent Insulation Projects

PACE programs finance insulation projects & raise the value of California homes

Home insulation is a functional upgrade that greatly improves energy efficiency and saves on utilities. The return on investment is over 100% and PACE financing makes it an easily achieved upgrade.


Family cooking in the Kitchenwhite transparentKitchens

$250 Dream kitchens that are raising the value of homes in California

Thanks to some great new financing options, Californians are getting their dream kitchens while raising the value of their homes

kitchen contractorswhite transparentKitchens

Kitchen Contractors

Looking For A Quality Contractor For Your Kitchen Remodeling? Enter Your Zip And Get A Free Quote Today!


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